After a certain period of time, many homeowners consider the decision of having their sash windows replaced. This decision is based on the desire to have windows that will be more energy efficient.

The best choice according to many people is to replace the sash windows with double glazed sash units. This option may be more expensive than some other ones, but it provides the best results and it really pays off on a long term basis.

Just after a year of having your old sash windows replaced with double glazed units, you can experience the benefits of double glazing when your heating bill arrives or in summer when you want to keep the temperature cool in your home. It is known that the glass is a heat conductor, so in this case, double glazed windows can save you a lot of money on a long term basis.


The energy savings by replacing single glazed windows with double glazed ones are nowhere near as substantial as many window companies claim. And also we would like to mention the aesthetic side of having your sash windows replaced with double glazed.

The appearance of the home or of the property will be improved; the value of the property will increase and also make rooms feel far more comfortable in terms of temperature, so it is still something we would recommend if funds are available.

Despite this option, there are a few more options to improve the appearance of old sash windows and to improve energy efficiency. The most expensive option would be to replace the windows with new ones and the cheapest of them would be to install window blinds and thermal curtain lining.

Some other options that might come in between these two are fixed, permanent glazing and temporary secondary glazing.