There are people who love vintage, and it does not get any more vintage than with the installation of sash windows in your home. These windows come with not only heritage but also charm. The other end of all this beauty is rot, rattles, draughts and constant heat loss that comes with the older homes which have sash windows in their d├ęcor.

If these are your problems, then you need to get in contact with Sash Windows Repair London. A window repair and restoration service that has been keeping London homes in pristine conditions for quite a long time now.

There are some people who opt to get rid of the sash windows the moment they spot problems with them, opting to go for a more modern take instead. This is wrong. The sash is not only aesthetically appealing but also because they boost the property values of the homes they are installed in as well.

Vertical sliding sash windows rely on a weighted system which allows the sashes of more weight to fall or lift with ease. For this operation to take place smoothly, there is a small gap, approximately 3mm, that results in dust, drought, heat loss and even rattles. The sash window, first installed more than 300 years ago, has evolved slowly over time, in order to keep up with the changing decorations and fashions of interior and exterior designs.

What are the benefits of contacting Sash Window Repair London for your restoration?

  1. It adds value to your property
  2. It becomes easier to operate your windows
  3. Your energy bills get lower
  4. Outside interference and noise is reduced
  5. We focus on two things, window repair and upgraded window performance


What do you expect from us when you get in touch and offer us the job of sash window restoration?

  1. Careful extraction of the window from its frame
  2. Decaying timber in the sash unit is removed so that only the good timber is left
  3. New timber is then spliced in to replace that which has been cut out
  4. The epoxy is first moulded to resemble your sash timber profile then used to fill up the holes created by the removal process
  5. The cords are then replaced, the pulleys serviced and the sash system is balanced so that the windows can operate smoothly
  6. A fitting system is then put into place to ensure that rattling and draughts are no longer a problem with the newly restored windows

Sash Window Repairs North London deals with all manner of repair and restoration products, irrespective of the size or money involved. Whether you need a domestic or commercial project, we have you covered.

If your sash is damaged, or not in the best of conditions, then you need to get in charge with us for the best Sash window restoration services in London. Simply fill up our quote form and we will get back to you in no time with a fair price for our services.