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Sash window double glazing



Can sash windows be double glazed?

Sash windows can be double glazed, and we are experts in this field. We use slimline double glazing from Fineo, which doesn’t change the appearance of a property at all but offers protection against temperature changes and noise.

Can you put double glazing in old windows?

Yes, you can. In fact, Chameleon has perfected installing double glazing into old sash and casement windows over many years. We use the latest double glazing technology to create slimline double glazing that doesn’t change the character of older properties but protects it from temperature changes and noise.

How do double glazed sash windows work?

We use vacuum-sealed double glazing for all sash windows. This has an ultra-thin profile at just 7mm. So, we can install this double glazing directly into your old sash window frames, and you cannot see a difference at all.

Are sash windows soundproof?

Traditional sash windows with one pane of glass do offer a bit of soundproofing, but not very much. A sash window with double glazing from Fineo, on the other hand, has the same soundproofing qualities as triple glazing at a fraction of the weight and thickness.

How do you insulate old sash windows?

The best way to insulate old sash windows is to install double glazing. With modern glazing technology, Chameleon can install low-profile double glazing directly into old sash windows, so the charm of your property won’t change, but the insulation will.

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