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Sash window double glazing

Special shapes double glazing

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Special shape double glazing use cases

We call “special shapes” all double glazing units that do not have a classic rectangular shape, i.e. curved, full-curved, trapezoidal or oval shapes.

Moder vacuum double glazing manufacturers can produce special shape double glazing, which is a key factor in the aesthetic and charm of period arch sash windows used.

Most used special shape double glazing by our team

Georgian sash window with curved glass panes.

Available special shapes

fineo special shapes

With special shapes, our team works the same way it works with regular shape double glazing units

We take precise measurements of the glazing of each sash window and order the glass. When double glazing is delivered, we work on the window frames in much the same way as we would for a rectangular window, except that we more often use special router accessories mounted on a router. This way, the glazed space, after the double-glazing has been fitted and wedged into its new rebate, is kept strictly identical!

As with all our windows, the result is a window whose wooden frames has been restored to their original state, while adding the modern performance of modern double glazing and placing insulating seals around all edges.

Special curved double glazing units

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Is special shape double glazing unit is more expensive?

Yes, special shape double glazing is slightly more expensive compared to regular rectangular shapes.

How to you install special shape double glazing into original frame?

The special shape double glazing unit is installed into the frame using exactly the same process we use for rectangular shapes. 

What is the minimum dimension in which double glazing can be produced?

The minimum dimension is 200 mm x 200 mm